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About Moon Trading Company

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About Moon Trading Company
Moon Group was established in 1985 in order to meet the needs of the Egyptian market in all kinds of vehicles and equipments. Moon Group started its activity with importing all kinds of heavy equipments from all around Europe and USA. This was accompanied with the success of its chairman in understanding what does the Egyptian market need and how to meet the needs of the national economy and to share major companies who deals in these kinds of equipments in its success.
There is no doubt that Moon Group imports equipments and heavy trucks since a long time and until now from international, major companies and factories. Moon Group imports the best international brands of cars and heavy trucks in order to fulfil the individuals and companies needs of private cars or auto tourist cars, as the company is a pioneer in importing all models of plain cars. Also the company with all its enormous potentials succeeded in being an effective partner and authorized distributor for major companies operating in Egypt including the international HYUNDAI. Also the company was able to be an agent Renaults heavy transportation and its used vehicles from Europe. Moon Group made a quantum leap in the Egyptian market when it made mighty efforts with the huge Chinese FOTON FORLAND, for heavy trucks and pick-ups and manufacturing cars, and managed intelligently to be its agent and sole distributor in Egypt. By all this, Moon Group ensured for itself a prominent place in the Egyptian auto market. And also it built many branches and maintenance centers all over Egypt.
The Branches of The Group
The Group consists of one main branch and several minor branches.
Firstly: The Main Branch
It is located in the kilo 26 Cairo-Alexandria desert road in front of Crush. It was established in 1985 to be the nucleus of the Group. Its main objective is planning and following up the implementations of the purposes of the rest of the Group from a developed perspective, taking into consideration a clear vision of the market.
Secondly: The Minor Branches
1- Alexandria Branch
This section is located on an area of more than six thousand square meters. In this section there is one of the Group’s companies under the name of Alexandria Company for Trailers and Transports. There are also maintenance works done there for vehicles and heavy equipments under the supervision and by the hands of specialized and most efficient engineers in Egypt.
2- The Show Room
It is located in Alexandria-Matrouh way in El-Bitash. It shows different kinds of brands of vehicles handled by the Group. It also covers the entire area of west Alexandria and fulfils its individuals’ needs of plain cars.
3- Cairo Branch
It is located in Cairo-Ismailia desert road, kilo 24 from Cairo on an area of five thousand meters. It lies beside a group of major agents like, Mercedes, Renaults and Volvo as well as a group of maintenance centers of Hyundai. All this make it a distinct location. It allows the Group to show and store all kinds of vehicles in order to get to all governorates of the Republic.
4- Hurghada Branch
It is located in Hurghada on an area of four thousand meters. It is located on an important way, which is the main ring road beside the traffic station of The Red Sea. This section is specialized in showing and maintaining FOTON FORLAND dumb-trucks. This section serves Hurghada and the near cities of Upper Egypt like, Kena, Luxor and Aswan
5-Upper Egypt Branch
There is an area of over than three thousand meters being worked upon now. And the purpose of this section is the access to the Group’s clients and it serves all Upper Egypt governorates.
5- Manufacturing Branch
This section is located along the desert road on more than one hundred and fifty thousand square meters and the aim from this area is the establishment of a factory for assembling cars and trailers, in order to be The Group of Companies that looks forward to the future of the national economy with a profound look, as it is not concerned just with trading but also concerned with the manufacturing, which is the real nucleus of the development of national economy.
The Real Evolution
The Group was able, with all its knowledge about the Egyptian market, to introduce light trucks, dumb-trucks and chassis. Also The Group has been able to share success with the international, Chinese FOTON FORLAND, which is well known in the whole world that it produces and assembles cars. Also The Group became the sole agent for this huge company, FOTON FORLAND, for the dump-trucks and its spare parts. The maintenance of all these trucks is inside a group of approved maintenance centers. The Group also negotiated with FOTON about the assembling of the trucks in Egypt supported by Chinese experience and Egyptian manpower. And this will be in the factory that is under establishment now.

Kinds of Vehicles Handled By The Group
Moon Group trades in all kinds of vehicles, plain cars, trucks, pick-ups, heavy equipments and carines.
Firstly: Plain Cars
The Company imports all kinds of vehicles concerning this type.
Secondly: Trucks
A. The Group imports the best types of trucks with global brands which most of the major companies rely on. Clear credibility and the plans pursued by The Group for the development of the Egyptian market and fulfilling its needs with all what is new in the world of heavy transport and equipments, were reasons to build an edifice of clear and mutual credibility between the company and its customers inside Egypt and this helped in supporting the Egyptian market with the following brands:
B. Mercedes
C. Man
D. Renaults
Thirdly: Heavy Equipments
The company made a renaissance in the Egyptian market of heavy equipments as it imported heavy equipments such as: Forklifts and the company is an agent of MVT, these forklifts are manufactured with Japanese technology and Thai assembling and it is found in the company’s branch in Alexandria, kilo 29 with all its loads from 1 ton to 16 tons. As well as Clarks, Bulldozers and Geledars and all of them are of global brands from all over Europe to meet the needs of the labour market and to contribute in making a technical renaissance and to be a part of the success of major companies working in roads constructing and building new communities.
Moon Group welcomes working with you in all the fields that will benefit your companies
With Best Regards of Moon Group

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